Real-Time Food Safety Compliance Technology


Beyond the bathroom, CloudClean™ compliance technology helps enforce your company's hand hygiene protocols in any part of your facility.

Restroom Hand Washing
Too many food handlers do not wash their hands after using the bathroom. Our Restroom Hand Wash feature is the only technology that can monitor hand wash compliance in the most discreet place to ensure your employees are washing their hands all the time.

Double Wash
The CloudClean™ system can accommodate any hand wash protocol including Double Wash compliance — requiring employees to hand wash with soap and sanitizer after restroom use, before kitchen work and even during scheduled Interval Hand Washing.

Interval Wash
Many food workers are (or should be) required to wash their hands on a scheduled interval (regardless of bathroom breaks). The CloudClean™ Technology can alert each employee at pre-determined intervals that it's "time to wash," and finally you can know for sure if protocol is being followed.

Pause-to-Clean (PTC)
Restroom cleaning is an essential task that still requires hand washing after the job is done. However, the Pause-to-Clean (PTC) button allows employees to move freely in-and-out of multiple restrooms to clean without accumulating false hand wash violations. PTC also tracks the frequency and duration of cleanings.

Temperature Monitoring
Monitor and manage temperature status of cold and hot food storage, display and mobile food cards with the same cloud-access platform offering instant alerts, daily reports, dashboards and HACCP logging.

Virtual Zones
Cross contamination continues to be a problem in food preparation areas. By creating Virtual Zones (even where there are no real walls or barriers) we can alert when someone has entered or exited this designated zone – and monitor for proper hand washing.

Distress Call
If one of your workers finds themselves in an uncomfortable or dangerous situation, we can add a feature (on the existing badge) that can trigger an alarm – or even send an emergency message instantly.

Time Tracking
CloudClean™ can eliminate punch cards or paper systems. Your employees merely check in and out and the smart tags handle the rest. The system reports on actual time logged.

Real-Time Alerts & Reporting

CloudClean™ creates a wireless network in your facility where employee safe hygiene compliance is tracked according to what features are chosen and what practices your facility establishes. Monitor any number of sites locally or from a centralized location.

Detailed Data Reporting
The CloudClean™ system captures handwash history, trends and compliance performance provided in user-friendly reports for review. CloudClean™ tracks and reports only the information that is most important to you.

Instant Non-Compliance Alerts
The instant any specified hand hygiene protocol is violated, instant alerts, emails, or SMS push-alerts to phones can be sent to both the employee and management.

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