CloudClean™ Hand Wash Technology | Restaurant | Food Service

Real-Time Food Safety Compliance Technology

How It Works

The CloudClean™ Hand Hygiene Compliance technology provides a cost-effective means of automatically monitoring and capturing hand wash compliance in the food industry.

How CloudClean™ Works

  • Unique CloudClean™ ID tags are assigned to each employee.
  • Soap Dispensers are enabled with CloudClean™ sensors.
  • Room sensors are positioned in bathrooms or near hand wash stations.
  • All required hand washing opportunities are recorded, whether procedures are followed or not.
  • Real time alerts of non-compliance are sent via a variety of methods, (text,email,etc.) to management and employees as specified by the business.

Powered by the CenTrak® Hybrid Real Time Location System (RTLS) Technology™, CloudClean™ outperforms legacy technologies using a combination of a patented new generation infrared: Gen2IR™ and active-RFID.

Easy to install and maintain with an open platform that works with your existing IT infrastructure.

Easily mounted to any existing soap or gel dispenser. CloudClean™ dispensers also available.

Battery powered Monitors (up to 10 years battery life) transmits a signal from a unique bathroom or location using Gen2IR, which is received by any tag in that room or area.

Employee tags communicate the location and its own unique ID via Radio Frequency (RF) to the Location Server using an existing wired or Wi-Fi network.

Quick and Easy Installation

Everything you will need is in the box. Our simple system easily and quickly installs without disruption to your business. With the CloudClean™ system all of our components are battery operated and do not require electrical work or wiring to install.

Soap Sensor
Simply attaches to your
existing soap dispensers.

Room Sensor
Easily and discreetly attaches
to walls and ceilings.

The hub is the central base
station for all communication.

Id Tag
Includes integrated clip to
secure to uniform or clothing.

Smart Name Badge
Alternative to the ID Tag—
CloudClean™ Technology is
pre-installed into the name badge
for discreet placement.

Integrated Soap Dispenser
Alternative to the Soap Sensor
CloudClean™ Technology is pre-installed
into this soap dispenser.