Real-Time Food Safety Compliance Technology

Temperature Monitoring

CloudClean™ Temperature Monitoring is a completely wireless, cloud-hosted, alert, check and logging system providing unprecedented accuracy, consistency and efficiency. Streamline and automate your hot and cold appliance monitoring, scheduled and on-demand food temperature checks, with 24/7 warning alerts, documentation and reporting to help protect your food investment and maintain superior product quality. All of your critical food and holding temperature data streams instantly to your CloudClean dashboard for complete, accurate and automatic reports accessible anytime, from anywhere.

The Dashboard

Reduce Time Spent
Logging Temperatures

HACCP logs are automatically completed

Actions Logged into HACCP

Inspectors and auditors can see corrective actions for any time period

Appliances are Monitored 24/7

Know the instant any cooler or hot holding is out of range, day or night


Receive an email or text when any appliance temperature goes out of range, configurable to your parameters.

Accelerate food temperature checks by uploading data to you online HACCP Log with the handheld SpotTemp™.

Customized for your
Menu and Applications

CloudClean provides a ready-to-use solution addressing the specific needs of your operation.

No More Pencils
& Clipboards

Formatted reports are print-ready for inspection.