Real-Time Food Safety Compliance Technology

Why CloudClean™

4 Reasons to Choose CloudClean™

Multi-mode hybrid
technology results in
certainty-based data

Up and running
in one day

Cost Effective

Trusted technology
used in hospitals

A Single Solution to the Most Critical Food Safety Problems

Never before, has such a simple and powerful system been available for use in the consumer, food service sector, until now. CloudClean™ exclusively offers it in a dependable and easy to use hand wash compliance and temperature monitoring system. Any site can easily be equipped with this much-needed system. It's easy to use and is recognized by the healthcare industry as a leading standard.

The patented CenTrak® Hybrid RTLS Technology™ uniquely combines Gen2IR and active RFID technologies to deliver certainty-based location data. Two technologies working together to maximize power, efficiency and accuracy.

CloudClean™ is easy to set up and use. The wireless system sets up in one day. Easily retrofits your existing equipment or CloudClean™ devices can be installed. You determine the level of interaction you desire - from real-time alerts for employees, and management, to historical records displaying compliance performance.

Cost Effective:
A monthly subscription to access the powerful suite of monitoring features.

The technology behind CloudClean™ has been the preferred solution for hospitals and healthcare where maintaining compliant hygiene and temperature practices is serious business.
Powered by CenTrak®.

Because Hand Wash Non-Compliance is a Serious Problem

The problem is real, and until now, almost impossible to control. The greatest responsibility of the food service establishment is to provide final products that are not just delicious, but safe to eat. The fact is, food workers are required by law to wash their hands with soap after using the bathroom, yet most, simply do not.

  • Food workers are required by law to wash their hands with soap
    after using the bathroom.1

  • Studies show that over 50% of food workers do not follow safe
    hygiene practices.2

  • The most common transmission of stomach virus and other foodborne
    disease occurs through unwashed hands.3

  • At least 1 out of every 6 people in the United States will catch
    a foodborne illness from unwashed hands this year.4

  • Foodborne Illness outbreaks lead to shutdowns and catastrophic PR.

  • References

    1. FDA Food Code 2009

    2. Journal of Food Protection, Vol. 69, No. 10

    3. CDC Division of Viral Disease, Viral Gastroenteritis

    4. 2011 CDC Estimates of Foodborne Illness in the U.S.

    Because It's Good Business

    CloudClean™ goes well beyond solving a problem that nobody else can, and provides a unique competitive advantage on many levels. Your most important objective is to connect with your customers and provide an enjoyable experience that will bring them back time and again. CloudClean™ enables you to demonstrate that you put the health and comfort of your customers first! You are offering peace of mind in ways your customers never thought was possible.

    Be Bold:
    Let the world know that is the health & safety of your customers
    is your first priority.

    Attract Customers:
    Leverage social networking and word of mouth - your customers want
    to talk about this unique feature.

    Lead the Industry:
    Drive a new standard in hand hygiene compliance. The ongoing training
    that CloudClean™ provides raises awareness and changes behavior.

    Protect Your Business:
    Unwashed hands can cause huge problems. Avoid lawsuits, shut-downs
    and bad PR.